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CONNECT GROUPS are the heartbeat of Generations Church.  Connecting with a church family is a major component of building a healthy spiritual life.  By creating a sense of family and enabling you to build healthy relationships, Connect Groups are the primary way we help the entire church family care for each other and do life together.     

We understand authentic relationship and that it takes time over time to build those kinds of relationships that are life giving and full of trust. We understand that it takes time to build the types of friendships that include Accountability, Belonging and Care - the kind of relationships we encourage in Connect Groups.

As a church we are working on creating more opportunities for a person to find “their people”. We really want to help facilitate those meet and greets and relational beginnings. 


These groups are a great opportunity to meet new people and build relationships with others in the church throughout the week!  These are short term groups designed to facilitate new friendships and get to know each other without a long term commitment.



Coming Soon!

Dinner Parties: For those that want to gather around a meal

Social: For those that want to gather around a common interest 

Study: For those that are hungry to grow in their faith 

Paint Night: For those who want to express their artistic side.

Exercise: For those who want to work out together