GenKids Core Values


At GenKids we value the safety of every child. As a GenKids team, we commit to having and upholding policies that ensure the physical safety of kids including safe facilities and safe volunteers. We also commit to providing an emotionally safe environment where kids can belong and feel safe in their relationships with both leaders and other kids. Last, we commit to provide a spiritually safe church where we are under the authority of our lead pastors and eldership team and where we are committed to teaching and living out Biblical truths.

2. RELEVANCE (Kid Friendly Atmosphere)

Kids are important to us and in GenKids we have a genuine passion to impact our kids in a way that relates to them. From the music we sing to the lessons we teach and the way we teach them we believe in connecting with kids on their level and in a way they can relate to.


We have a passion for God’s presence and believe it is important for each individual child to experience the presence of God in their personal life and in our corporate church services. Exodus 33:14-16, Matthew 18:20, Psalm 16:11, Acts 3:19.


We value the importance of parenting and family and understand the authority given to parents for their children. We desire to come alongside parents and support them in their role of discipling their children. We will intentionally engage families and connect with parents in order to effectively provide resources and support to help their children to Love God, Love People and Love Life.