Generations Bible Camp
Financial Assistance Program

Thank you for inquiring about our Generations Bible Camp
Financial Assistance Program.

At Generations Church, we do our best to price our camp at what it costs us to run,  and keep our facilities well maintained. However, for some, those fees are sometimes out of reach. For that reason, Generations Church has established a Financial Assistance Program for the purpose of providing financial assistance to those who would not otherwise be able to attend Generations Bible Camp. Financial assistance is made possible through donations received from many thoughtful individuals who recognize the valuable impact on a person’s life that a Generations Bible Camp experience can make. Financial assistance funds are never raised from the fees we charge our campers.

It is our desire to provide a life changing Camp experience. To ensure as many people as possible benefit from this program, you are eligible to apply for a assistance two times over a five year period.


In order to complete your application, we request that you follow each step in this simple application process.

1. Consider what amount you can contribute to the cost of camp.

Assistance is normally granted on a partial basis as need is determined. It is expected that each applicant will contribute towards the cost of camp to the extent of personal ability. The maximum amount that Generations Church will provide for any individual is on half of the camper fee. We are happy to work out an instalment payment plan if that will make payment easier.

2. Help us understand your financial situation by completing the questions in the spaces provided.

3. Submit the online Financial Assistance application.

In order for Generations Church to process your application, please be sure to register for Generations Bible Camp through our Camp Registration process. 

We hope that you will take time to prayerfully complete this application process. If you feel these requirements would prevent you from applying, please contact us and we will review your specific situation.

If you have any question, please email us and someone will contact you. We would be happy to walk you through the process.


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