Fundraising & Family Accounts

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the fundraising efforts of Generations Bible Camp.  The fundraising efforts allow us to keep fees low and accomplish our purpose.   We understand that for some families the fees can still be a hindrance to attending camp.  In order to help subsidize the cost for a family or person who attends camp we have a Service Approach that is used to provide funds directly into a Family Account for camp fees.   The amount that is built up in the Family Account will be subtracted from the total fees.  

A person who attends Generations Church and would like to subsidize their camp fees in this manner may apply for a Family Account to be activated.  As we raise funds for our General Camp account a percentage of each fundraiser can be applied to the Family Account.  The Camp team will maintain a database which details the activity of each fundraiser the family applies for and participates and credit will be built in the Family Account.