We are so happy that you and/or your family will be attending camp this year.  We have great expectations that you will love your time with us this week.  

Registration begins Friday July 5th at 3:00pm-4:00pm. 

** IMPORTANT ** Friday • 9:30 pm • Adult Camp Orientation
We ask that all adults join us for a brief informational gathering on Friday evening at 9:30pm

(For directions to the camp, click here.) Please feel free to drive your vehicle up the hill to the Dining Hall and check in at the registration table.  You can unload your belongings before you park your vehicle in the designated parking area.  If you will be arriving late or you will be joining us on a different day we ask that for the safety of the children you park your vehicle in the designated parking area at the top of the hill.

At the registration table there will be a sign up board listing all of the volunteer opportunities.  After registration the volunteer board will be posted in the Dining Hall.  (The kitchen is always the place that requires the most volunteers; if an adult from your family can try to be available to sign up for at least one shift a day in this area it really helps us stay on track!).

Here is a link to the camp schedule and listed below are a few things we would like to highlight.

If you have registered an RV, the scheduled time for parking/set-up is Wednesday, July 3rd from 6pm-9pm. This allows you to drive into the designated area safely before the children have arrived, as well as maximize the RV parking space available. (If you need to make alternate arrangements please contact Tyson Hickson)

Also, remember that your child(ren) will need a mattress & bedding if they are staying in a cabin! 

Finally, the last day of camp is Wednesday July 10th.  It has become tradition for some of the children to sign up for the End Of Camp Talent Show.  After this we will have a hot dog lunch and at 1:00pm, we will begin our camp clean up/move out.  If you are able to join us for a couple of hours, we would love your help as we load up our supplies, do a final clean up and unload the trailer at the school.  

We expect that you and or/your family will have enjoyed their time at Generations Bible Camp, and will have made many great memories!